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Meet the Ponies

Meet some of our ponies!


Whiz is an 11.3hh, welsh, blue roan pony. He enjoys taking part in games and jumping. He joined us after being outgrown by one of our previous riders. Whiz can sometimes be naughty to catch but loves to be groomed.


Trixie’s Trickster known as Trix is our youngest pony and is a 13hh, strawberry roan gelding. He loves to take a nap but when working he is an active pony, with a very good jump!


 Smokey is an 11.2hh welsh, grey gelding. Smokey did lots of gymkhanas with his previous owners. He takes all the very small children and can be ridden by novices or more adventurous riders!


Peter is a 13hh, skewbald gelding. Peter takes most of the small beginners and those on the lead rein. He is very quiet and can be a bit lazy, however, he likes nothing more than being asked to go faster and jump by more experienced riders. Peter loves being groomed and plaited and he will stand still for ages – usually asleep!


Charley is 13.1hh and is a grey gelding. Charley is the perfect beginner’s pony. He will patiently trot around the school with the most nervous novice and is brilliant for teaching young riders to canter happily. Charley also enjoys to jump and play games. Charley’s best pal is Walter.


Perky is also 13hh and is a black gelding. He is getting rather old now but is still game for a scamper around the school. Perky takes mostly novices and he is the best pony ever for teaching riders to canter! Perky spends alot of time playing with Peter.


Robin is a 13.2hh, liver chestnut gelding. He has a similiar laid back temperament. Robin did all the Pony Club things and hunted before we had him. He has an enormous jump and is very atheletic. He is a very gentle pony - the only thing he doesn't like is having his tail brushed!


Wally is about 12.1hh. He has been at Pony Nuts for a long time. Wally used to be very lively to ride and was only suitable for an experienced rider but over the years he has settled down and now he will take a novice rider very quietly. Walter is a very good jumper. His best friend is Charley – they are never very far apart!


Toby is a Welsh cross, liver chestnut gelding. Toby had serious mouth problems when he arrived and needed two wolf teeth removing and a thorough rasping. Toby goes very well now and is a quiet and sensible to ride. He has a great jump and loves to play games.


Mojo is a chestnut gelding, 13.2hh. Mojo was very poor when he came to us. After a good worming and a trip to the dentist to remove his wolf teeth he started to thrive. Mojo jumps really well and is perfect for a more experienced rider, but he is sensible enough to take a novice.


Albie is a 13.1hh dartmoor pony. Albert had a very chequered start to his life coming off the moor shortly before being broken in and sent for schooling and a bit of competing before finding himself in a sale. He was understandably a bit wary when he first came but now he is a confident member of the family! We have showjumped him and done some cross country, Albert has loved it, proving himself to be a bold competitor.


Jeff is a 14.1h, fleabitten grey, connemara gelding by Aran Flight. Jeff had a few mouth problems that needed sorting out when we first had him, but now he works very well on the flat and shows an exceptional jump. He is the perfect ride for a more experience child.

​Photo coming soon!